Saturday, June 25, 2005

What the hell is BlogShares?

I did a search for "dumb web programmer" (that's me!) on Google and to my surprise I was listed as No. 1.

Image hosted by

However it was listed indirectly thru BlogShares. What the hell is BlogShares.

It looks like a blog directory with some strange way of valuating blog sites.


desiderata said...

Yeh, I too found desiderata-ylchong being valued at Blogshares when I googled a fellow Blogger at blogger-com one fine day last month. I too don't know what's about.

Maybe our senor at blogosphere can advise?!

Prema said...

Blogshares is basically a fantasy trading system (like you know fantasy football etc)'s all fake money. Blogs are spidered through pings to certain servers and then listed in the system.

The blog's value (or price) is determined by the number of incoming links (people who link to you, if you had someone like Joi Ito link to you, or boingboing.. you'd be valued higher too). Basically you can register with blogshares and have $500 (fake money) to trade in buying/selling blog shares.. It's basically a li'l game, and fun if you want to try out investment strategies ;)

DumbWebProgrammer said...

I see. Thanks Prema. For a moment (a few seconds) there I actually thought my blog would actually have some monetory value. :)

ok I see it's all for fun. Funny thing is I didn't even submit my site to BlogShares.

dannyFoo said...

Blogs can reach a monetary value if what you're 'selling' has worthwhile investmet that other business see fit. It's almost the same thing like selling a domain or company in a way. :)

Some don't sell it off but just change its direction and blog for money. ;)

GilaChess said...

you mean blogs can actually make money ???

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