Thursday, July 28, 2005

Programming- It's a dog's life

After being a programmer for several years I really feel old, tired and plain fed up
with this life.

Don't get me wrong. I love programming and have a good pay but the company I
work for is just too money minded. Heh! What am I saying ? Of course companies
have to money minded to survive in this cut throat business.

But lately I'm seeing more projects being brought in and me being overburdened. It's
like a cheap sweatshop here - just like a factory workers - we churn out code after code.

Finish one project and another comes in. Long briefings on what to do. Tons of documentation to go
thru. Hundreds of bug-list to fix when the final code is launched for testing.


To add to the burden, all programmers' Internet access has been revoked.

The bosses and share holders don't care about reputation as they get in more and more new projects
while the rush for completion results in more errors and bugs in the final production codes.

All my superhuman efforts in meeting deadlines is not really appreciated. Some of the codes
that I thought were ingenious just go unnoticed.

Our present customers are getting angry but they don't care... as long as they can get new customers.

Man, I know this is definitely the way to long term corporate death. So just waiting for the day
this company keels over.

However, from the profits so far collected I think this company may outlast me. It's a dog's life...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Test Blog

Test blog message sent from email.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

No Internet access.

That's what the company said today.
Man how am I going to do any work without any internet access?
Sure, HR have a point that Internet is the big time waster as
many employees just browse aimlessly at company's expense.

But what about a web programmer like me? I've lost access to my
favourite Guru on the net - "Mr Google".

I've brought up my predicament to my bosses and they say that
I can do my R&D later at lunch or after work using our
pathethic "public PC".

I am seriously thinking of leaving the company now..

And oh, I'm blogging this from my handphone at my own cost.