Wednesday, July 18, 2007

PHP 4 is dead!

Wow just read from first page and also from website.

PHP4 is dead! Long live PHP5 and PHP6!!

I'm still struggling to learn the object oriented features of PHP5. I hate it that Java also has this feature but I don't know how similiar it is from PHP OOP.

Forced to do Java


My boss just pushed me to do Java. Just because I did well in finishing a PHP project fast and now free of other projects he orders me to join a Java team to do some java work.

I hate that. I was working hard so that I'd have the extra time to pick up PHP frameworks like CakePHP and Zend frameworks.

Come on man... my title on my name card is PHP developer. What to do? No choice unless I'm brave enough to go out and look for some other PHP job. Still, I have jobstreet window open while I'm blogging this :)