Thursday, July 14, 2005

No Internet access.

That's what the company said today.
Man how am I going to do any work without any internet access?
Sure, HR have a point that Internet is the big time waster as
many employees just browse aimlessly at company's expense.

But what about a web programmer like me? I've lost access to my
favourite Guru on the net - "Mr Google".

I've brought up my predicament to my bosses and they say that
I can do my R&D later at lunch or after work using our
pathethic "public PC".

I am seriously thinking of leaving the company now..

And oh, I'm blogging this from my handphone at my own cost.


NickTay said...

You serious? That's sucky man!!

mrbadak said...

i think that's one of the most stupidest action by a company - to force to WEB programmer to work without internet access handy!

i cant imagine me working on my web projects without the internet reference ready.

EngLee said...

Internet access is the main source for programmers especially web programmers. Voice to head of department! You won't grow in a company without internet!

DumbWebProgrammer said...

That's why I'm seriously considering leaving.

Can't be as productive as before. And my appraisal doesn't look good anyway.

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