Thursday, November 22, 2007

WTF!! Jordomedia is stealing my content

Someone by the name of Jordomedia is stealing my content. Damn you. Go to hell. Jordomedia sucks! Steal this content I dare you.

Newbie shock

Haha... today at lunch time I briefed my "just graduated with degree" colleagues how wonderful the company is.

Yeah you work till midnight and take cab home while paying 50% expense all by yourself. Of course the company 'reward' you with pizza dinner or KFC. That's considered compensation for staying late. When the company bring in the 8 Million dollar deal they celebrate by buying everyone RM 200 new chairs. WTF!!! Give us at least 2 months bonus lah!!

8 Million in pure profit and you cannot reward your programmers at least 0.1% of that profit ??

I've wasted 4 years of my life in this office. Not going to waste anymore. I tell them all the other dark secrets the companies has. Ha ha.. cruel aren't I. Ruined their lunch ...

Sour grapes towards paid bloggers?

Of course there is sour grapes. It's these paid bloggers that make the Internet become like jinjang rubbish dump. Don't talk about quality post when you write about insurance, mortgage and pay day loans.

WTF I don't have a rank!

I just found out my blog don't have a rank. WTF!!

I thought this blog is so old it should get at least a rank of 3. Anyway, one of my friends told me that unranked still better than PR 0.

Haha at least I know my blog got more quality than those rubbish Pay For Post bloggers.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What's this about PR 0 ?

Malaysian cry babies that's what you are!

So what's the big deal in getting PR ZERO for your blogs. I saw the list of PR Zero bloggers. I think you guys deserved it. Spammers all of you. Diluting the blogging world with stupid credit card, loan, mortgage spam!

I rank No 1 and No 2 on Google

See ?

I am so proud !!

Newbies coming in to work

Haha.. I see some dumb new graduates joining my company of a sweatshop. They are so full of energy, full of wonder. I was like them once. Little do they know the perils of work that lays ahead of them. They don't know about the evil youth sucking energy this work industry has on young programmers. I pity them. Maybe tomorrow I will get close to them and share with them what I know about this evil sweatshop.