Monday, June 13, 2005

Google trying to be like Yahoo!

Originally uploaded by dumbwebprogrammer.
Google in an effort to make their search engine more personalised for users is shifting direction from a search engine with simple and basic bare features which made it famous (and also appealing to many users like me) to a more complex page layour. Think

You can take a look at it here. Now you can include personalisation such as GMail, Weather, Movies etc just like in Yahoo!.


dannyFoo said...

Hmm, I think Google needs to box them up. The free flowing content can't be concentrated with ease. The main difference I see with Google's homepage is that there isn't as much content like Yahoo! And their prioritize goal still clearly stands as a search engine unlike Yahoo! :)


DumbWebProgrammer said...

Yeah but as a search engine I am losing interest in Google to search and index my website. It takes ages. Yahoo indexes my website within 24 hours.

But, I still love Google Adsense provided they pay me !! :)

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