Monday, June 13, 2005


Ah my first 3 cents from Google Adsense. Ok. Ok.I know it's a mere 3 cents but I just have to document my first online income. I am excited!!

Wow! And all the tools I used here are free. Only real resource I've used is TIME which I've lots considering how many hours I spend in aimless browsing from site to site.

He he... from now onwards I'm going to spend more time blogging!

Thanks to Liew Cheon Fon of for getting me excited in the first place.


8dee said...

Look on the bright side. It will be RM0.12.


All the best!

LcF said...

Note: do NOT reveal number of Google Adsense click. It is not allowed by Google. Remove it immediately.

DumbWebProgrammer said...

Ok Ok removed already. Please forgive me Google. Pretty pretty please...

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