Friday, June 24, 2005

Movie Review: Madagascar

Finally got some free time to go out and watch a movie!! I even missed Star Wars because of my work. You can thank my boss for the late nights...

Anyway I watched the movie below. (Forgive me as the below is the best pictures I can get - its for mobile phones wall paper !!)

Madagascar is perfectly fun and cute.

It’s definitely more entertaining than the likes of Robots or Shark Tale.

I loved the scene where Alex the Lion gets hit in the nuts.

I question some scenes where we see cute little animals get eaten though.
Is that suitable for 5 year olds :)

The Penguins are the funniest creatures IMHO.

Now, entering the wild brings out a very interesting conflict.

Alex, the lion (Ben Stiller) has to fight his natural urge to eat his friends when his steak supply is suddenly non-existent.
Poor Alex has to exile himself to keep his friends from becoming his snack.

But it comes at the end of the film and only plays out and everything is humky dory.

The holes??

1. Did you notice that they were mostly on the beach most of the time.
2. Where are the other lions? Are they no lions in Madagascar?

Hmm... can't put up pictures of the film as I'm unsure of the copyright thingy.

Anyway, I put up some 'pictures' from my affiliate membership to a mobile phone content account.

You don't have to (or under any obligation) to click anything here. I just included it here as eye candy relating
to my 'movie review' that's all.


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