Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Got indexed by Yahoo in 1 day!

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Wow!! I got indexed by Yahoo! in less than 24 hours!!

Can you believe that??!

I didn't even submit my sites anywhere. Funny thing is Blogger is by Google but I have not been indexed yet by Google. Did Google submit my site to Yahoo! That's a strange thing to do...

Well anyway I'm proud that I'm the no.1 in Yahoo! Search for Dumb Web Programmer

How long will it last? I don't care. Took a snapshot to remember it forever :)


wil@theblackjournal said...


mypapit said...

if you dont submit to yahoo.com than how come that you know it was indexed less than 24hours? Just curiousity...

DumbWebProgrammer said...

I just opened the BlogSpot account in Blogger and started posting.

In less than a day I saw my URL was already in Yahoo after I just did a random search.

I did not submit to Yahoo! at all.

Unbelievable ya ?

Oh now it's already more than 24 hours..

luqmanx said...

its the yahoo webbot. you dont need submit anything.And typing your whole title of blog + blog search string is not really a random search.

Kenny Sia said...

Gee, did you just set up this blog to earn money from Google Adsense? What an effort!

kakisembang said...

at least you have an effort to start a blog, it takes disipline, determination and interest to do that...

DumbWebProgrammer said...


Ok corrections, it was not random search. It was an "intentional" search with the intent of finding (in an egotistical way) whether my new personal blog was in a search engine :)

Thanks for the info. Now I know why I was indexed so fast. Sigh I wish Google bot was also that efficient.

To Kenny Sia:-

The intention was to create a cut and paste repository of my web programming codes on the net so that I can access anytime.

However now the focus of the blog has skewed towards greed and money making on the web.

Anyway it's just for fun. I don't expect Google Adsense to make me much money. Let's see 3 cents a day (0.03 x 365) is US 10.95 a year. I'll collect my first US100 check in about 10 years from now :)

To mypapit:-

Discipine - that i don't have.
Determination - err.. moderate.
Interest - oh that is at max level now. But can it last? I don't know. Let's hope it'll last longer than my job as a web programmer.

6:21 PM

LcF said...

Yahoo spider is actively crawls thru blogs. It is easier to be indexed by Yahoo than Google.

Google sometimes put your site in "sandbox" for an unpredictable time. My other gadget blog has hundreds links indexed by Yahoo but Google still does not list the site.

You need to tweak your ad layout abit if you want to make real money from it. Check out my blog or MalaysiaBloggers.com.

DumbWebProgrammer said...

Tweak my ad layout a bit ?

That I'm too dumb to do. Nevertheless, I will learn.
Slowly but surely.

I am really losing confidence in Google nowadays.
It used to be accurate - searching for things.
Your explanation really clears things up LCF.
Thanks. No wonder I can't get some latest
relevant searches using Google. I'm switching
to Yahoo most of the time when I don't get
what I search for..

Anonymous said...

Yahoo slurp came from weblogs.com, when you publish your site, it's ping the weblogs.com.

Same with wordpress that ping pingomatic.com.

Blog do not need to be submitted to search engine, search engine spider will come because of the "ping".

Kyle Stemen said...

Having a lot of links to your site helps with getting listed on Google. I've been tagging my blog with technorati . For every tag, it'll put a link to my site under that tag page.

Google still won't list any of the pages that link to my site though. I've even seen pages that link to mine come up through a search on Google. Maybe I'm just querying Google wrong.

Kyle Stemen said...

You should be more careful typing your blog link.

brew said...

Congratulations, you are no.1 DumbWebProgrammer in the Internet! Hahahahaha....

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Anonymous said...

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