Monday, May 07, 2007

Bosses with lousy timing

Really a black Monday today. Got hit by lots of bug fixing right after sitting at my desk.

After the weekend my mind was slow but I manage to clear up the crud after some perseverence just in time to go for lunch.

While walking out the door to go for my favourite cap fan shop, the boss stops me!

Got some 'ideas' to run thru me since I finished my work way in advance. Of course since this is the big boss I cannot say "later boss, need to eat first".

When he was finished it was already 2.30pm and my stomach was growling something fierce. Pleased with himself he let me go. Of course the boss already had eaten before he came to lay his 'ideas' on me. Liaaa ma!! I wanted to shout. But just smiled and walked out to Mc D since all the vege from the cap fan shop is finished already. And by the way, his ideas were totally stupid and impractical. I'd like to see the programmers face when he presents his ideas to them :) Luckily that's not my department.

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