Friday, October 21, 2005

Dumb Web Programmer under Dumb Project Manager

I used to write code that is template based
where programming code is separated from html.
My favourite templating engine is Smarty.

Hey that's how web programmers like me keep my sanity.

Mixing PHP+HTML is ok for small projects but really
is stupid for a large system we are developing.

But lately since we got a new project manager that has
no idea on good software engineering principles (things
that you learn in first year of a computer course
whether at diploma or degree level).

Heck, I'm a DUMB web programmer and even I know that.

This dumber than dumb project manager just wants things
fast. We realised even showing him our code one day that he
doesn't care about code maintainability - either that
or he is just ignorant of the fact.

But I don't care now since we are being pushed with tight
and impossible deadlines to meet. Staying past midnite
on a Friday night is not my idea of fun.

So from now onwards I've been writing rojak coding mixing
PHP with HTML in one file. I don't care.
And it is effective!! I seem to be churning out code twice
as fast and my project manager is impressed.

My project manager don't care as long as deadlines are
met. Of course the system will be a pain in the ass to
maintain later on.

Why do I care?? I will be gone in oh.. say 6 months time.

LiewCF and Kah Soon, I'll be joining you guys problogging by
then hopefully.


LcF said...

Welcome! :)

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