Wednesday, September 07, 2005

PHP is alive!!

It's so depressing to think that the programming language I specialise in, PHP, is rare and little used in Malaysia.

However all that changed last week. I got two calls from head hunters looking for PHP programmer.

I will most probably leave my current job which have banned internet from the office. I don't mind getting any other PHP programming job as long as they give me internet access to do my R&D.


kakisembang said...

yeah, if they banned me from the Internet, i will switch job too :D. I felt like an insult to me

DumbWebProgrammer said...

0.3 months bonus. What an incentive! Now I'm definitely switching. Waiting for the results of my 2 interviews...

fred said...

my gog!! you spam your owned comment
are you ok bro?

Jerry said...

accidental, lagging?

Jacky said...

Yes, why lar you spam your own blog? Haha...

Correct, if your employer didn't allow you Internet access, you will become dumb and dumber. :)

EngLee said...


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